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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the point of entry?

    Zaragoza International Bridge

    How long is the trip?

    The trip is around 1 hour depending on traffic. We suggest taking this into consideration when booking your trip.

    What if I have to cancel my trip?

    Change of plans? No problem! Cancellations are free up until 3 hours of notice. If canceled within 3 hours of the trip, the regular fee will be charged.

    Do we need to walk the bridge?

    If you choose to walk across the international bridge, there is a .40¢ toll fee (fluctuates). Please inform us in advance, if walking the bridge is an inconvenience for you so we can accommodate your needs.

    Do I need Gloabl Entry/SENTRI Pass?

    Most of our vehicles can utilize the SENTRI/Global Entry services. If you own a Global Entry or SENTRI card, you may choose to ride aboard the vehicle upon crossing the border. Here are some rules to follow before utilizing these services:

    • No fruits allowed.
    • You can only cross with your own belongings.
    • If this is the first time you are crossing the port of entry utilizing your card, you must cross through the pedestrian bridge to ensure that there are no issues with your card.
    • Ensure that you are actively enrolled in the SENTRI or Global Entry programs and have the card in your possession.
    • Ensure the card is activated and not expired.
    • Show your card to the driver.

    Please help us comply with these rules to prevent our drivers from loosing their Global Entry/SENTRI card.

    Important things to know

    There will be a minimum of three-hour notification period for cancellations/changes to the reservations or subject to additional charges. Drivers will wait no more than five minutes pass the scheduled time of pickup to provide on-time service to all our customers. We are not responsible for items left